Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Initial impression on La Mer Lip Balm

Ok, since I'm very fortunate(?) with my lips, I got to spend so much money on lip care products hoping for smoother lips.

I decide to put the pic of my lips to prove my case. Actually the pic didn't come out right (my lips look actually worse than how it looks on the pic)

My concern with my lips are : Very dry/Flaky/chapped lips- I actually chew on my lips..so gross~, the corner of my lips get cut and bleed( I don't know how, but it just happens like when I yawn, or open my mouth to brush my teeth...you name it) or I'll just wake up with both corner of my lips bleeding. It's so painful.

Anyhow, after years of all the lipbalms from the high end to drug store lippies, Aquaphor seemed to be the only thing that "MILDLY" works if I put it on every hour or so(too much work seriously) to help the dry lips. But again, when I wake up in the morning after slathering my lips with it the night before, my lips are still flaky and the cut is still there.

Before I bought La mer, I was little hesitant b/c it seemed like it's a wax type formulation (wax type can actually make your lips drier, better to stick with petroleum jelly type), but I was desperate since my dear Aquaphor wouldn't heal corner of my lips. So, I bought the La Mer lip Balm, hoping it would at least work on the corner of my lips. I put in on once at night, and woke up with...wow!
My lips felt dry(after 8 hours of sleep), BUT, it was NOT flaky and the cut on the corner of my mouth was somewhat closed so it wasn't bleeding.

Not sure how long this jar is going to last me, but I guess I'll follow up on it to see if it's worth the money. So far,,,,it seems to work for me.


  1. Can you post a picture after using this La Mer Lip Balm? I actually put an order on this product, and waiting for its arrival. Personally I don't have dry lips, but I heard that the La Mer can help for lip lines and restore the lip colour.

    I am so excited to try this product.

  2. I havent' seen any improvement on liplines or the lip colour as some reviewers wrote.
    You do notice however some plumping like sensation and feels like your lip color gets darker right after you apply. I do think that might be due to the menthol oil-tingling sensation. it doesn't last though.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Hello euny,

    sometimes in the winter I have the same problem with the cuts. I made some research an one mager reason is that you may have iron deficiency. And you have to be carefull when you apply some lip butter or so you don`t feal the cuts but it can make it worser because you don`t feal it any more you open your mouth to wide an the cutting gets deaper.

    At night you should apply something like wound and healing ointment, I use Elyth it´s german cream I don´t if you can get it in your pharmacy where you live. Make some research or go to your pharmaca and ask for something like elyth. I hope it helps you a little bit.


  4. Thanks lajal, I did some research since I wrote this post and talk to my Dr. Vitamin seems to help and sometimes over the counter ointment seem to help on the area where I was experiencing small cuts. For me, La mer lip balm seem to help mildly dry lips, but if your lips are flaky, this seem to make it worse, but if your lips are just dry (no flaking) it does moisturize it.