Saturday, July 17, 2010

The famous Creme de la mer- part 1.

Part 1 is more of the behind story of the creme, plz stay tuned for part 2 follow up. thx~

Ok, so I finally felt that my skin deserves pampering, and I need to start "investing" in my skin.  After reading many reviews on other brand creams and all, I decided to give Creme de la mer the go( why not? since this seem to be the most talked about and the creme of the cream, if this doesn't work I know I can try others, but if it works then I saved my self trouble of buying and trying so many other products).

As the fantastic behind story of the creme states (the NASA scientist experimenting for many years to treat his massive burn, and how it takes about 3-4 month get the "secret ingredient"-the marine extracts- to make each jar), it sounded like too good to be true. I had to try it. So I hynotized myself before placing the order on why I should spend that much money on myself for a creme( i.e. repeatedly saying I deserve this....worked^^).

So, the the creme comes in 3 different sizes,
1oz-$130, 2oz-$230, 16.5oz-$1390. (Price as of 2010) It comes with a spatula, hidden below the jar in a box. So I keep it in the box it came without the box lid (you can see the handle of the spatula peeking).
If you have enough $$$$ and like the product, then buying the 16.5oz seem more economical b/c 1oz is $85 that way (I read that some celebs apply this on their body). Most people seem to buy the 2oz jar since that also save them money (you pay about $115 per 1 oz), but I bought the 1 oz jar b/c I wanted to find out how long it will last me and also whether I would really love the creme or not.

I just ordered mine from the la mer website (bliss of on-line shopping), I got to choose few samples due to their promotion. I also received 1oz hand creme, sample gel-creme, and sample creme.
I was excited to get the hand creme b/c I heard that's also great and you get the 1oz size which is great for travel (3.4oz is $70, so 1 oz comes out to about $20, great deal for a sample I think^^).

So, if you are currently using or thinking of trying the creme, this might be a good time to order it from its site since you get the option of choosing the free 1oz hand creme-only if you want to try the expensive hand creme and see what the deal is.

I'll post part 2 of the creme de la mer as a review of the actual product after using it for a while b/c I like to spend sometime with a skin care product before I review. Stay tuned~