Monday, February 8, 2016

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Intense Night Cream vs Hydrating Face Cream vs Extra Repair moisturizing balm

OK, instead of posting separate posts on these, I decide to compile these all together just to give you better idea incase you are considering Bobbi Brown Face Creams.

Bobbi Brown has many moisturizing products, her Hydrating intense night cream, hydrating face cream, extra repair moisturizing balm are one of her most well known creams in Bobbi Brown skin care line. They all do what you would expect from a moisturizing cream. They are not cheap either. You don't spend hundreds of dollars like some other creams, but I found these to be still good, but it's still costly, so here's my 2cents.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

Friday, February 5, 2016

2/5/16 weekend Review Ann Taylor SALE shopping

Ann Taylor SALE finds.
Eryn Suede Kitten Heels Deep Fuschia
Ann Taylor is offering great deal on their website.

40% off regular priced items and 50% off sale items. On top of that you get free shipping on any purchases. It's a great deal. Ann Taylor usually charges you $8.99 for shipping unless your purchase exceeds $175. Most of the SALE items are non-returnable.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, best eyelash curler!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, are you looking for the best eyelash curler? Well, at least I found one that's been working for me for +10years. Here's my review on Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler after using it for +10years.
What's your number one makeup (not skincare) beauty item that you must always have or do?
For me, it's curling my eyelashes even if I have no make up on.
(Scroll down if you want to jump to "Before and after pic".
Shu Uemura Gold Eyelash Curler

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekly reading

Water Color Pencil Skirt

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Weather was very nice and cooperating, so little one and I enjoyed the playground. Although the playground mulch was still covered in snow (My upper body was hot but my foot was freezing, not a good combo), it was a blessing to see my little girl figuring out how to swing by herself.
Alright, here's some info I just want to share with you all.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Weekend Cashmere scarf shopping.

How are you all doing? Snow day is finally over, my little one was so excited to be going back to school today although it was delayed by few hours.

Whenever I experience a snowstorm, I make sure I'm wrapped in my trusty cashmere wrap to keep myself warm. Something about Cashmere wrap/scarf, it sounds so luxurious yet warm and cozy. It's like my grown up security blanket. My cashmere wraps definitely came handy when my little one used to fall asleep in her stroller, I would cover her up to make sure she doesn't get too chilly from Mall air-conditioning and all. Again, one can never have too many cashmere wraps, right?

Here are few options I've been eyeing and they are also on SALE. Super~ Alright, let's go shopping!
Halogen Oversize Cashmere Scarf

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monday Reading

Welcome back. How was your weekend?

Busy running around to get your errands done or busy vacuming and doing laundry? My daughter and I started making the no-sew fleece blanket. We scored a Creativity for kids Easy Weave Fleece blanket kit from Target at half off after the holiday and finally we got to start that. The kit is actually nicely packed for the half off price.

Some of you are enjoying  MLK day off, some are not, either way I think the followings are great readings with cup of coffee to get you started.

1. Are you Sex and the City era girl/boy? Did you watch them all including the movies? Yes, I'm one of them. I didn't start the season until season 3 or 4 was out. I know I went trough weekend binge on the Season 1 and 2 to catch up. One of my favorite episode was the "Manolo Blahnik Silver Sedaraby open toe d'Orsay pump" episode where she was asked to take her shoes off then someone went home with it, Uhhhh... I really enjoyed the way Carrie Bradshaw paired the shoes with khaki cargo ankle pants and casual blouse white button down shirt.
Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby Pump